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Race Updates

This year's course will start off Emerald Point — location to be announced in the Captains' Meeting.  Just for Fun & Daybreak boat rentals are at the end of Emerald Point.  This should provide for convenient pick-up and return of rented boats.

Following is some information on the event.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us.  

Dr. Keith Bell, Race Director @ 512-327-2260 (land line)

Sandy Neilson-Bell, Race Organizer @ 512-327-0955 (c)

Any UPDATES on the race will be posted on the website and explained at the Captains’ Meeting on Friday prior to the race.

CAPTAINS' MEETING — Every relay team & every entrant for the solo division is required to have a representative in attendance at the Captains' Meeting in order to participate in Saturday's Race. More than one team member may attend if desired.

Course layout, division confirmation, team number, team verification, safety instructions, start and finish procedures, boating procedures and instructions, emergency procedures, finish verification form, caps, t-shirts, and more will be discussed at this mandatory meeting.

Friday, Oct 11th — 7:00 p.m.

8706 Westover Club Drive | Austin, TX  78759

for info call Sandy 512-327-0955

RELAY ORDER — At the Captains' Meeting you will be required to submit the order of your relay.   Strict adherence to the order submitted at the Captains' Meeting is mandatory during the race. We will supply the relay card at the Captain's meeting.

OPEN WATER SWIMMING RULES — At the Captains' Meeting we will have a copy of the ASA Open Water Rules available.  You may also find these on the ASA website ( It is advisable that every team member read these rules prior to the event. Please note:  No fins, snorkels, heart monitors, wristwatches, pull buoys, floats or any other artificial aids permitted. No tech suits.

COSTUME — No tech suits. A swimmer may wear only one suit. Please make sure you wear an acceptable suit as follows: Swim suits shall not cover a man's body higher than the top of the pelvic bone or the belly button and shall not cover any part of the body below the top of the knee. Swim suits shall not cover a woman's body outside the shoulder-joints or above the shoulder-line and shall not cover the any part of the body below mid thigh. The material of suits may consist only of cotton, lycra, nylon, polyester, and spandex. No zippers or hooks.  No padded tri-suits. No wetsuits.  Any swimmer wishing to compete in a suit constructed of other materials must apply to ASA for permission in writing. If you have any questions about the suit rule please contact: Dr. Keith Bell, Race Director at 512-327-2260. 

TEAM IDENTIFICATION — All escort boats are to display a banner or sign with the team name, on the side of their boat. Banner or sign must be at least poster board size with name of team large and readable. Please be prepared with zip ties, rope or whatever it takes to display sign on your boat.

STOPWATCH ON BOARD — Each team is required to have a stopwatch on board in order to monitor and keep to the schedule of swimmer change-overs.  It will also be used for verification of time at the finish.  

CELL PHONES — Each team must have at least two cell phones on board in case of emergency.   Please bring your cell phone contact #'s to the Captains' Meeting.  You will be asked to list these on your Relay Card.  The race organizer will keep the list for the event.  We will have emergency & race contact #’s available at Friday’s meeting.

BOATING REGULATIONS All teams must have someone 22 years of age or older driving the boat

COURSE MAP — We will have a general outline of the lake at the Captains' Meeting.  The marina from which you are renting should have detailed maps of the lake for sale or use. If you desire a more detailed map (not necessary) you can find them at most of the convenience & grocery stores on 2222, 71, and 620 as you near the lake.

RACE T-SHIRTS — T-shirts for all contestants will be distributed to the team captains at the Friday, October 11th Captains' Meeting.

WATER TEMPERATURE —Here you will find a website link in order to monitor the surface temperature of Lake Travis.  It is currently expected to be between 77-80 degrees.